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Vitality Financial Healthcare (VFH) was created in 2017 near The Big Peach City, Atlanta, GA.  VFH is a disabled veteran’s small business, led by a team of high energy, laser focused, expert talent dedicated to exceeding expectations.

The executive director of VFH and honorably discharged Air Force Veteran Charles A Ancrum, BS RN holds a master’s degree in business. He has devoted his time, expertise and compassion to award winning hospitals in many facets of the healthcare field to include an emergency department (ED) registered nurse (RN), hospital manager and lastly executive director. 

The other members of the team are well respected healthcare providers, business professionals and leaders in the industry that have the same qualities and tenacity to take your business to the next level.

We have endured the trials and errors and have learned from them, to provide practical answers.  As healthcare visionaries with continuous proven results, let our team transform your healthcare business. The following are highlights of quality resources you and/or your team can expect:


For Healthcare Entrepreneurs

  • Minimize tax liability- Healthcare entrepreneurs can take advantage of healthcare professionals/businesses specialized consultation and tax breaks that may get overlooked by general tax advisors. We will also represent you in an audit.  Hopefully, working with us, you will never have that need.

  • Maximize Wealth- VFH will explore financial projections that increase company growth and revenue, thereby securing profits for the shareholders.

  • Financial Management- We provide assistance with capital budgeting, financial analysis to include short and long term strategies for wealth maximization.

  • Contract Preparation– VFH will consult with you to give you the best chance on being awarded a contract.  Having closed numerous contracts with the  government and private sector, we know what it takes to be successful.

  • Web design- VFH creates compelling websites for your healthcare business with dynamic search engine optimization (SEO), immediately increasing traffic to your site.

  • Being seen is never enough. The customer knowing the value of your business speaks volumes.

  • Closing the “right” customer and the “retention” of that customer- Two very important actions in sales; additionally, the two most challenging.

  • In our coaching sessions, we mentor the client. It is not only a professional endeavor, but it also encompasses the spiritual, mental, physical aspects of the professional.  We are providing advancement of the entire person, not just the professional. 

  • As consultants, we dive right into the source. Honed in at ground zero, our team will assess, diagnose/discover, plan, implement, evaluate, reassess, and mitigate those potential challenges. We have a proven methodology to ground breaking solutions, putting processes in place to ascertain that our problem has been resolved.

  • Business writing- Our team can write and/or ghost write healthcare blogs, journals, web content and books.  We also draft contracts, grants, business plans, executive summaries, etc. If you need healthcare content written daily, weekly, monthly, etc., just give us a call.  We will be happy to launch your blog to the next level. 


For Healthcare professionals

  • Maximize your tax return- VFH consults with you proactively.  We want to consult with you in October, before tax season starts, to prepare information. 

  • Create and maintain your business- We can help you create your healthcare business.  Doing it correctly, the first time, prevents issues with the credentialing entities and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

  • Revitalize your brand- Empower yourself while impressing your prospective employer. Strengthen your resumé and transform what others THINK they know about you.

  • Tools to prevent professional burnout- discover and master proven mental health stress relieving strategies that work on and off the job.

  • Learn public speaking skills.


For Healthcare Students:

  • Not doing well in class? Let VFH help you pass! - Direct one on one, group study and virtual study is available.

  • Pass the National Council Licensure Examination NCLEX RN or PN! - Proven method of study that greatly increases your chances of success guaranteed!

  • Strategic job placement- Just because a job is offered, doesn’t make it the one for you.  The adage, “Get a job that pays the bills”, does not necessarily work in healthcare. Not every job is career worthy. Let’s talk about your goals and aspirations while exploring that next opportunity.

  • Create a resumé- When you are new to the workforce, or healthcare, it can be a challenge to tell the story. Let us help you succeed!

  • We will assist you with your tax preparation- tax preparation can be overwhelming for the taxpayer and sometimes quite frustrating.  We can help.  Ideally, October is a great time to discuss your tax concerns. 


A portion of the profit goes to fighting injustice throughout the continental

United States.

Thank you!


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