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Our Philosophy

Years ago, we played with everyone, because even at our tender ages, we knew that everyone was part of the same race… human.  We were the kids that intervened during recess to ensure others played nicely (anti-bullying, diversity, equity, inclusion and dignity). 


  • We were the young ones who shared in kindergarten and never broke our toys… well except to see how they worked inside (reverse engineering).

  • We were the late bloomers (the prudent), the misunderstood (divergent thinkers), the youth that stayed up late gazing at the stars, and beating the sun to its rise because we wanted to be alive in every moment (risk-takers). 

  • We understood locutionary meaning of injustice and misogyny just as we understood their meanings contextually; and vowed never to be the cog in the wheel that initiates nor perpetuates unfairness of any kind. 

  • We were the Huey Freeman and Daria Morgendorffer’s of truth. We also believed in magic… actually, we still do~

Today, Vitality Financial Healthcare, which was established in 2017, includes these same Hueys and Darias, who have matured to fight for what’s right in healthcare.  We are prepared to help you succeed, as you assist those in need.

Today, we are the ones who, not only know what is right, but display the integrity.  We represent the ones who believe in a higher power, as well as those who do not, but exhibit positive morals and ethics, just the same. We understand that when the game is over, the Queen and the pawn return to the same box.  In the bigger picture, we hope our souls are as LIGHT as a feather when we check out of this place called life.

We are dedicated to our philosophy and will continue to use a portion of our profits for giving back. This is one of the ways we support the communities that have serviced us and the ones we serve.

One of the greatest ways to support us and truly make a difference in our philosophy is to utilize our services.

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