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Interim Associate Director of Nursing

•  Promotes a positive and pleasant attitude conducive to the workplace which enhances the Mission, Vision and Value Statement of the organization

•  Develop, conduct and evaluate new programs, in-services, orientation and continuing education

•  Interacts with nursing staff and unit leadership team to determine specific educational needs and coordinate educational programs to meet those needs.

•  Provide annual mandatory education for staff and competency development.

•  Assist with coordinating and facilitating patient care services according to established standards.

•  Provide for the dissemination of current information and theories necessary for the advancement of patient care.

•  Ensures nursing skills and interventions are performed by the staff in efficiently, safely, consistently and cost effectively.

•  Exhibits an understanding of established standard of care.

•  Develop and promote activities, which improve staff, patient and physician satisfaction, communication and reporting methods, and clinical practice. Identifies patient/family learning needs (age appropriate) and teaches appropriate principles and procedures related to care.Other duties assigned.

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