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Abrehit Imara 

Coach Imara walks the path of spiritual enlightenment directed in the way of Buddhism.  She attained her baccalaureate from the University of Arizona. She has been a peer counselor at the prestigious Detroit Central City Community Mental Health and she is a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) coach. Although she rarely turns down an opportunity to mentor, Coach Abrihet is passionately focused on coaching women aged 24 to 45 who are dealing with the following:

  1. feeling stuck or feeling unfulfilled in a career without a strong support system.

  2. having an overwhelming workload and a lack of time for self-care.

  3. fear of making wrong decisions, struggling with self-doubt, fear of failure.

  4. balancing multiple roles and dealing with societal expectations.


Here is what some of her clients had to say…

Imara has a way of holding me accountable without making me feel guilty. I have found a strong sense of mental clarity. She is really strong spiritually and looks at things with a clear view. Thanks to her I can see the person I always wanted to be, and I know I have the mindset (Audacity) to be her. 

LaTosha S. – Michigan, USA


I have worked with Imara for a year and in that time not only have I seen my mindset and perspective change, but my level of self- care also changed and elevated. My family has seen it as well. I am not the same little girl I was trapped in a woman's body. I am a woman with clarity and a vision for my life and more focus. Imara has so many sayings, but I will just use one I love "you led you here, not anyone else and you will remain here until you change" You are your responsibility act like it. I have connected with other women in this space in the foundation of sisterhood. I love it here! Thank you Imara I have no words you are a light!

Tandrea F. – Iowa, USA


I can honestly say I have never had anyone genuinely care about my well-being like Imara, she is like the mother I never had. I used to sit in the house everyday scared of the world but now I don't, thanks to her I've faced my fear's I’m going back to school, I'm happier, I have more direction in my life.

Alex P. – Lagos, Nigeria


Take the first step towards unlocking your true potential and embark on a transformative journey with Coach Abrihet!

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