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•  Oversees the development, revision and implementation of department policies and procedures

.•  Evaluates the impact of changes in clinical practice and support innovation to improve care delivery and resources in the environment of practice.

•  Advises, consults and assists legal counsel on matters that involve healthcare dilemmas.•  Creates/Enhances business and marketing plans, policies and procedures for healthcare client.

•  Researches and develops healthcare contracts, grants and loan requests.•  Describes, diagnoses, predicts and prescribes pertinent solutions to client’s perceived problems.

•  Enhances the morale and welfare of employees while maintaining safe, high-level, productivity.

•  Consults in healthcare leadership on healthcare accounting to include tax preparation.•  Creates healthcare proxy, healthcare power of attorney, living wills and trust documentation.

•  Consults healthcare entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals on data driven decision making.

•  Consistently monitors all quality indicators relating to service, develops and implements plans for improving quality.

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