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Charles Ancrum

Greetings to my tribe and family, I am an honorably discharged Air Force Veteran and registered nurse; and this is a veteran owned small business. Although most of my clients are of the Christian faith, I have an affinity to Neterianism and follow the laws of Ma’at.


Some notable achievements include:

Being appointed to the title of the first Healthcare coordinator of the 514 Aeromedical STaging Squadron and sustaining a ninety-six-percentile training certification for over a thousand personnel.

Interim Associate Director of Nursing (ADN) at one of the Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) most note worthy hospitals, promoting nursing cohesiveness in a volatile era, while saving the hospital thousands in revenue loss.

Implemented an innovative plan for patient flow management that allowed for the increased patient demands while preserving the safety and integrity of healthcare staff during the COVID pandemic.

Published author and blog writer for biology and healthcare science.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert consultant with proven results and content integrity.

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